Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Summer Quilted & a laptop sleeve

Finally finished quilting the Just Dreaming Summer Quilt! 

I think this quilt has been in the making for nearly 2 years now, not finished yet though, still have the binding to do but I'm really happy to be over the quilting hurdle.

This was also my first time hand quilting, and although the stitching as a whole is really very wonky and uneven  as a result of the really very wonky and carefree piecing, and the fact that I possibly stitched a bit tightly... I really like it! and I love the look of the hand quilting and surprisingly really enjoyed the process... Uh oh, I think I might be hooked on hand quilting!

Next time though...

1. I might not piece a quite so wonky quilt which as a result makes quilting a bit of a pain and also wonky.

2. Check the tension of my seams as I'm piecing, as I discovered a couple of small areas where the tension had gone too loose and was going to come apart so I had to do some invisible stitching. Why I didn't discover these a while a go is beyond me! I think those strips must have been sewn just before my machine went funny and needed to be serviced.

3.I think I might spray baste the quilt first or at least the back of the quilt because I don't think my pin basting was great.

I am also working on a laptop sleeve at the moment for my new laptop, how cute it is!? I was able to choose between a peppermint coloured top, pink or silver. I couldn't decide between the last two but in the end they only had pink or peppermint, so pink it was!
The photo doesn't show the actual colour very well. It is more like a pinky Fuchsia.

and because I didn't take a full photo of it, here's a sneak of the laptop sleeve in progress...

 The Laptop sleeve is inspired by this tutorial on Sew Mama Sew by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson! :

Enjoy the rest of the week,

Miranda & Charlie

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