Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update Part 1: Amitie

Hello there!
Did you notice I have a new display picture of Charlie and I? One of my good friends has an amazing camera and took it while we were out walking the other day. I love that it captures Charlies cheeky smile.

Anyway moving on & updating...

I finally visited Amitie! Although it is not very close to where I live, I cannot believe it has taken me this long to visit! It is an amazing quilt shop full to the brim with gorgeous fabrics and lovely people. We were very short on time when we visited so unfortunately I didn't get to explore the whole shop...which is probably a good thing because from what I saw, I could have done some serious damage!

I did however find the perfect binding for my Fancy Free Quilt. I had struggled a bit to find the right shade of pink and Patchwork House had sadly run out of the fabrics I had used (which is what happens when you take so long to finish a quilt ) so I was so happy to find this!

*Stripey binding fabric is from Moda's Wee Woodland collection by Keike*

I have also finally decided how to quilt my Just Dreaming Summer Quilt!
My Friend Andi from the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild has inspired me with her amazing hand quilting and gorgeous collection of Perle 8's to take the leap and hand quilt it. So while I was at Amitie I bought 2 pretty colours of Perle 8 to coordinate with the Just Dreamy fabric. I am so excited to hand quilt my first quilt!

Maybe you can help me though?... I can't quiet decide between stiching 2 lines in the sashing 
stitching a 1/4 inch around the outside of each block and around the middle of the blocks alternating colours?

Hopefully that makes sense :)
What would you choose? Do you have any other suggestions?

And as this is my first time hand quilting a quilt, if you have any tips/tricks I would love to hear them!

Thankyou in Advance,

*Update Part 2:  Ink & Spindle's Open Studio.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week,

Miranda & Charlie

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fabric Tuesday- Kaffe Fassett Pencil case

*It is Fabric Tuesday again over at Quilt Story so make sure you check out all the gorgeous creations!*
On the Weekend I decided to make a pencil case using the "Lined zippered pouch/make up bag Tutorial" at Flossie Teacakes and the "Patchwork Wristlet Tutorial" at Pink Penguin as inspiration.

 I used the Kaffe Fassett Pencil fabric that I bought this year at the Craft & Quilt Fair and fabric from a bundle I got at last years Craft & Quilt Fair!

It is the first pencil case I have ever made and my first attempt at sewing in a zipper (They area bit annoying aren't they?)

 *A couple of things I learned...
- follow the instructions- I forgot the step that says to trim it down to a 1/4inch from the zipper ends after you have sewed the pieces on and before sewing it together, woopsy!
- Buy a good quality zipper- Mine is a bit crappy and doesn't run smoothly.
- Buy a zipper with small teeth so it doesn't eat your beautiful pencil case- When I tested it out the zipper ate the fabric on the side and I couldn't open it again and had to do a bit of snipping and hand stitching.
- which also leads me to three, make sure you keep the fabric really tight when you sew along the top next to the zipper otherwise again the teeth will eat it!

But I am really happy with how it turned out and I love the pencil fabric! Can't wait to use it!

and last not but not least, it has been a while since Charlie has made and appearance around here so with out further a due...
Have a great week!
 Miranda & Charlie

Monday, September 13, 2010

New York Goodies and Updates

Mum came back from New York a couple of weekends ago and there was a great shop called The City Quilter in the same street as she was staying, fancy that! So today I thought I would share with you some of the goodies she brought back...
A gorgeous Jelly Roll of one of my current favourite fabric lines Hunky Dory... and a book full of pretty & inspiring quilts made from Jelly rolls.
I have no idea how I am going to decide which one to use!

2 metres of each of these prints, they would both make great backing fabrics!

and an amazing book called "Threadwork" which is packed full of techniques and brightly coloured projects
on art quilts and fibre art. I can't wait to try them! One of my favourite projects in the book is in a bright pink and orange colour scheme with a big butterfly in the centre.

They were such a wonderful surprise and certainly made my day after a difficult week, Thankyou Mutti!

On another note: I know it has been a bit quiet around here. I had a very hectic and stressful couple of weeks with my VCE Studio Art folio and Major works due. I can't wait to show you but as not every school had their folio due on the same day.

Anyway, One of my works I have some very exciting plans for but you may have to wait a little longer for that, so stay tuned!

Wednesday: I will be back with the pencil case I made with the Kaffe Fassett pencil fabric that I bought at the Craft & Quilt fair.

Hope you are having a marvellous monday!

Miranda & Charlie