Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Fancy Pink Quilt

I am linking up with Fabric Tuesday over at Quiltstory today (even though this is a bit belated) and so I thought I would share with you today my second finished quilt! but before I do, make sure you visit all the other lovely people who have linked up to Quilt Story

Fresh Poppy Design

It was originally called the Fancy Free quilt- inspired by the pattern my Monica Poole but upon completion and I decided the name didn't quite fit, especially as it was quilted with Pink variegated sheen thread! (Honestly there is nothing unfanciful about variegated sheen thread, I love it and it was lovely to quilt with!) and I didn't folow the pattern anyway, so I decided to call it "Fancy Pink" because it's a little bit of fancy and a lot of pink!

Apologies for terrible photos, I will take some better ones after exams, I promise! 

So here comes the details:
*Started... on ~6th March
*Finished...on Sunday the 17th October ( although I am yet to label it)
*Size... (to be added when I find the tape measure)
*Fabric....mostly Holly Holderman prints from Lake House, a couple of Leciens and a variety of other, slightly random fabrics.
*Pattern...  Inspired by Fancy Free pattern by Monica Poole for Moon Shine designs

*Alterations.... The original pattern is a "Quilt-as-you-go" quilt but being a bit low on fabric funds it was cheaper and easier to do it the normal way. My dimensions are also a bit different with only 3x3 blocks instead of 5x5 and I added a border. Instead of a patchwork style back, I used one fabric for the centre and a border similar to the front.

*Quilting.... uneven free motion wiggley/wavy lines over block seams and in the border

 Love the backing fabric- it looks much better close up but it is actually pink Hydrangeas.
 *Issues?.... had a bit of a struggle with quilting and realised when I went to bind it that the layers had shifted during quilting so I had to take 1/2 inch off all edges to make it possible to bind. Which means the quilting in the border is no longer centred....I can't decide at the moment whether this bothers me enough to re-do it?

* Where it Lives...on my Mum's bed! While I was binding it mum decided she really liked it and claimed it and I was overjoyed that she wanted it, so offcourse I gave it to her. 
I have really wanted to make a quilt for her but I wanted it to be perfect, in way, for me she is/was the hardest person to make a quilt for. 
 I would love to make a quilt for everyone in my family when I have some more time, especially as you start to feel a bit guilty and greedy making quilts for yourself! The other week when we had a few really cold nights (prior to mum claiming the quilt) , I had both of my quilts plus a normal quilt stacked up on my bed !

Anyway, overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out and it has been a wonderful journey and source of sanity through year 12 :)

On another note, Exam Update:
Had my English Exam today from 9am-12pm...3 hours, 3 essays, 3 essay types = lightning fast writing= exhausted and very hungry. Actually I think it went quite well, Context topic was a bit odd though, I might share more on that theme at some stage- our context for the year was "Whose Reality?" and it was very interesting and really changed the way I look at situations. Among our texts for the year was "Hard Times" by Dickens , which I loved and is also why I thought Fancy Pink was an appropriate title for this quilt after writing numerous essays on the importance of "Fancy" and the destructiveness of an "All fact" way of life...I really need to stop relating things to English! haha

Hope you have had a lovely week full of  "Fancy"!

Miranda & Charlie

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  1. Hey Miranda, Great quilt! So glad your Mum claimed it. Good news too, re: english exam. Not too long to go now. Hang in there!


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