Monday, March 8, 2010

New Fabric!

Here is a picture of the new fabric I bought on Saturday at Patchwork House!

My other two quilts, which I will post about soon, are currently on pause, so I decided to start a new quilt. My mum is eager for me to make the quilt pattern called Fancy Free which is a Moon Shine pattern by Monica Poole. I think she found the pattern at a quilting fair last year and loves it. Plus because it is a "Quilt as you go", it’s relatively simple and pretty fast to make. Which is just what you need when you are short on time but get withdrawal symptoms from a lack of sewing!

The pattern asks for 25 coordinating fat 1/4s ( 25 blocks) or larger pieces for a reversible quilt, but when I got to the shop I realised that 25 fat 1/4s is very expensive and I was struggling to find 25 coordinating fabrics so instead I am just going with 9 fabrics, 9 blocks. It will be smaller but I figure I can make the sashing larger, add a border maybe or if it is going to be really quite small, I can always save up and add more blocks.
So it’s going to be more like an interpretation of the pattern because I'm also doing a couple of other things differently, one day I will follow a pattern!

 The fabrics I chose are similar to the fabrics in the quilt pictured on the pattern because I really liked the combination and I like pinks at the moment and figured it was time to expand my stash too.

I was also hoping to add some more pictures but unfortunately they didn’t turn out very well when I uploaded them, so I'll take some more another time. I absolutely adore the fabrics so I hope you'll enjoy them too :)

Hope you have a great week
Miranda & Charlie


  1. Those fabrics are lovely! Can't wait to see what you make with them. :-)

  2. Love your fabric. I just googled the pattern your thinking of using and your fabrics will look fabulous! It is really pretty isn't it. I have to say that I have never followed a pattern to the absolute letter.... who cares? With a larger border it'll be great!

  3. Gorgeous fabrics, they will look fantastic in any Moonshine design. Can't wait to see how your blocks come out.


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