Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fabric Tuesday- Kaffe Fassett Pencil case

*It is Fabric Tuesday again over at Quilt Story so make sure you check out all the gorgeous creations!*
On the Weekend I decided to make a pencil case using the "Lined zippered pouch/make up bag Tutorial" at Flossie Teacakes and the "Patchwork Wristlet Tutorial" at Pink Penguin as inspiration.

 I used the Kaffe Fassett Pencil fabric that I bought this year at the Craft & Quilt Fair and fabric from a bundle I got at last years Craft & Quilt Fair!

It is the first pencil case I have ever made and my first attempt at sewing in a zipper (They area bit annoying aren't they?)

 *A couple of things I learned...
- follow the instructions- I forgot the step that says to trim it down to a 1/4inch from the zipper ends after you have sewed the pieces on and before sewing it together, woopsy!
- Buy a good quality zipper- Mine is a bit crappy and doesn't run smoothly.
- Buy a zipper with small teeth so it doesn't eat your beautiful pencil case- When I tested it out the zipper ate the fabric on the side and I couldn't open it again and had to do a bit of snipping and hand stitching.
- which also leads me to three, make sure you keep the fabric really tight when you sew along the top next to the zipper otherwise again the teeth will eat it!

But I am really happy with how it turned out and I love the pencil fabric! Can't wait to use it!

and last not but not least, it has been a while since Charlie has made and appearance around here so with out further a due...
Have a great week!
 Miranda & Charlie


  1. In that third pic down it looks like the zipper has an evil smile after eating your fabric and getting stuck into your pencils ;) Nice work on the zipper, yes they are very annoying!

  2. i've never seen that pencil fabric before! it's way cute, as is your pouch!!

  3. I am a Kaffe Fassett fan and haven't seen the pencil fabric. What a cute pouch : )


  4. Turned out so cute, love the fabrics!! Well done...and zippers can be a pain. I'm always scared every time I have to do one. Thanks for linking up on Fabric Tuesdays, see you next week! :)


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