Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's a bit late but...

Happy New Year!

      Hope you had a great Christmas and have been enjoying the holidays! I know I have!
Perth Sunset on New Years
It has been a long time since I have been around here, hasn't it?
I assure you I am alive...I have been away for the past month in Perth and Bali and had hoped I would be able to blog, but we were staying at my grandparents house in Perth and their computer blocks internet sites that you log into (for some strange reason!) and we didn't have any internet in no blogging, blog reading, email or Facebook (my brother nearly died with the lack of that last one!).  And the Christmas craziness before we left for Perth = a lot of blogging and blog reading to catch up on!

But I did have an amazing time away, relaxing on the beach, shopping and catching up with friends and family.

And I'll post on everything that's been happening (an exciting parcel- Madame Samm knows what this one is! , Exam results, Quilting, Perth- Christmas and B'day, Bali, another exciting parcel- this one from the MMQG Stocking Swap aaannnd Uni offers and agility) I think I'll do a post in pictures, with each picture representing something and then a little bit of words... otherwise it could easily become "The End of  Exams to the New Year, An essay by Miranda" which wouldn't be fun to read or write!

Hope you are well, have a great weekend :)

Miranda & Charlie


  1. Am very much looking forward to hearing all of your news Miranda!

  2. A picture 'essay' will be enjoyable and save you from writer's cramp!

  3. So glad you're back - you were missed! I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday- so tell us all about it!!

  4. I received a lovely purchase from Prairie Point Junction. Thanks for mentioning this shop. Wow what a wonderful holiday you have had. Hope you are not in the midst of the awful flooding..

  5. Hi Sweetie...on the weekend my ladies at my quilting bee were asking about still have left such an impression on all of us..looking forward to hearing about your escapades..certainly you were missed.


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