Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The most colourful cake I have ever seen!

Last week during the school holidays, my friend had her 18th birthday and to celebrate she had an Alice In Wonderland Tea Party! What a wonderful idea! We all dressed up as different characters, I was the doormouse...
and we ate amazingly yummy food all afternoon and every now and then she would call out "Change Places!" and we all had to get up and move to a different chair, it was so much fun!

Her cake however was the most amazing and colourful cake I have ever seen....
 A six layered rainbow cake!  as you can imagine it was quite tall so each slice was gigantic...and very yummy!
Perhaps it will inspire a quilt...

Hope your having a wonderful week 
Miranda & Charlie


  1. Perhaps you should make one of those cakes and bring it to MMQG....just so that we too can be inspired!

  2. Haha yes I will have to try and get the recipe and then perhaps I will.. or will attempt to! It looks a bit complicated. Thanks for commenting Clair :)


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