Sunday, August 1, 2010

Craft and Quilt fair goodies

Last weekend I went to the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair with a friend and we had a wonderful time!

Although I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything except the Hand Dyed fabric I need for my art quilt in Studio Art
 ...I am guilty of coming home with some extra goodies, which was probably inevitable but I did manage to not go over my limit of $50!

1. The Quilted Owl (Pattern by Laura Lobb on In Stitches)- As you may know I have a bit of an obsession with all things owl so I thought this was absolutely adorable!

2. Fabric pack to make the Quilted Owl- I loved the fabric they used to make the owl on the pattern 
(one on the right) and it just happened to come in a handy and time saving bundle- great for indecisive people like me!.

3. Kaffe Fassetts Pencils in Red- I saw this fabric on True Up a while a go and loved it! Ironically it is destined to become an awesome pencil case! haha
4. Japanese Fabric- I find it very difficult to find Japanese fabric and I had this one book marked on my computer so I was very happy when I saw it at the fair. I'm going to use it for the "Kokeshi Friends Stitchery" from the Melly and Me Kaleidoscope book.
5.  Hand Dyed Fabric- I had been looking desperately for multi coloured hand dyed fabric, specifically in the colours of the Aurora to use in an art quilt of the Northern Lights that I am making for Studio Art. My friend Caroline from the MMQG suggested I check out Dyed and Gone to Heaven which had a stall at the fair.

Coming Up: I am also in the process of quilting my Fancy Free Quilt and after a bit of a rough start, I am nearly finished!

Hope your having a great weekend

Miranda & Charlie


  1. Lovely goodies you got there. Look forward to seeing your owl all stitched up.

  2. haha yeah! that day was absolutely amazing. I hope we can have another like that if time permits.

    p.s. Thanks for the gelati :)

  3. Dreat scores from the show ! A lot of us seem to have gone over our limit last month . May the speed be with you .


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