Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hello World!

It's been a long time since I've been blogging, but I'm back and very excited to be blogging again!

Unfortunately I got quite sick a couple of years ago and while trying to juggle uni, work and my health something had to give and be put aside for a while and that something had to be blogging. Sadly sewing and quilting was pushed aside for a while as well, I just didn't have a lot of time, inspiration or motivation and my projects were at a stage where they couldn't easily be picked up again spontaneously.

 I'm a lot better now and I'm pleased to say the sewing bug is finally back! the inspiration is back and I am full of ideas again! Not to mention the dining table is covered in sewing books and Charlie is lying in fabric scraps again!

There have been some exciting things that have happened over the last couple of years and I'm sure these have helped and contributed to the sewing bugs return...

I present to you, the two most exciting and influential (or we'd be here all week reading an essay!)

#1: Last year I brought home a new friend for Charlie, in my last blog post I posted a few sneak peak pictures of our gorgeous little Ollie.
Ollie is a Mini Labradoodle (Labrador x Mini Poodle) and came to us as he was unable to be sold due to some behavioural problems he had at 8 weeks. When he was scared or stressed, he would spin neurotically in tight circles, the Vet called it "Stereotypical Behaviour".

 He had been staying with a friend and came to stay with us over a weekend and never left! Due to my experience with dog training and puppy training I was determined to do everything I could to help him and help him get better and he in turn helped me.

 It was a very big challenge, it took a lot of time, a lot of training and behavioural modification, a lot of love and patience, but a year and a bit on and he is a different dog! He hasn't spun in circles for a year, we no longer find him walking repeatedly around objects, he is still very silly and a bit of an odd ball but he's become a much calmer, affectionate little noodle and enjoys every day being a dog and making Charlie play with him!

Here is Ollie and Charlie after I took them to the dog park the other day, poking their tongues out!

Not sure how impressed they were with wearing their Christmas T-shirts on Christmas day and being forced to sit still instead of play with their new toys!

Charlie is still his handsome and smiley self, he will be 10 this year!

          #2 For as long as I can remember, I have loved the snow. It's beautiful, magical and breathtaking!

A couple of years ago (2012) while recovering after surgery, I decided 2012 was going to be the year I learnt to ski or snowboard, so I bought all the clothing gear, found a friend equally as excited and keen to go and we went! We had the most amazing time. When we came home, Mum and Dad said it was the happiest and most excited they had seen me in a long time and that trip was the start of my love affair with snowboarding and with Australia's beautiful Alpine region and High Country.

After that trip I bought a Snowboard and most weekends in the snow season I can be found dancing in the snow and Snowboarding around breathtaking mountains and loving every minute of it! It is constantly challenging me, pushing my comfort zone, raising my confidence and giving me the opportunity to meet some amazing and lovely people.

Unfortunately we only have snow during Winter here and today is 40 degrees, the dogs are swimming in their shell pool and I am melting and dreaming of snow!

Thank you for reading along, for your comments and support, stay tuned for some sewing and quilting!

Have a lovely week,

Miranda, Charlie & Ollie


  1. Charlie and Ollie are so cute! Especially in their Christmas shirts. And I envy you your summer - it has been ridiculously cold here (I live in Tennessee where we usually have fairly mild winters) and I'm ready for some summer!

  2. Sweet pups. I love little fuzzy dogs and you have quite the pair there.


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