Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fabric with my name on it

Looking for fabric this morning...I found fabric that literally has my name on it!

Here it is: 
(and it also comes in a range of other colour ways.)
 Not only do I adore this fabric by Liberty of London, I realised that it is called Miranda which is very exciting because I was born in London and nothing usually has my name on it here either
AND.. there's more,

The product code is the year I was born! 

I think so, but it has certainly made my day :)

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday
Miranda & Charlie


  1. That is super cool - I hope you can add some to your stash soon.

  2. They look like pansies... so pretty! You must be tempted to purchase. :-)

  3. I think it is pretty cool too! I was very much tempted to, especially as I was in a shop today staring at it and I can't say I was very good at resisting :)

  4. very cool, an omen that you must get your hands on this fabric!!


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