Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring to finish (week 1)- Fancy Free Sashing & a naughty cat

Off to a flying start with the sashing all done, just need to add the border this weekend and the quilt top will be finished!


 Everytime I turned my back, even just for a second, this naughty cat would appear sitting on it! and everytime I lifted her off, she would appear on it again! She just wouldn't get off and it got to the stage where she would hiss at me if I told her to get off...I gave up in the end, but she still wasn't happy when she had to move so I could sew on a sash and she would promptly resume her position when I had to lay it out to pin the next sash on.
I think she must really like this quilt (she seemed happy when she could sit on it?),  well I hope so because I do :)

Hope you have a great week
Miranda & Charlie


  1. This quilt looks gorgeous, as does the cheeky cat! I followed the links from the Modern Quilters Guild.

  2. Thankyou & Welcome to the Guild! :)


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