Thursday, October 21, 2010

Update Part 2: Ink & Spindle

Here is the second part of my holiday update! Not feeling very wordy today so we will see how it goes...

On Saturday September the 18th, Dad and I went along to Ink & Spindle's open studio!
We were lucky enough to watch a printing demonstration and learn about how the screens are made and the process of printing on fabric. I found it really interesting as I have done basic screen printing on paper in previous school years and would love to try it on fabric.

 I also got to meet Lara and Tegan who run Ink & Spindle. They are so friendly, helpful and really lovely. Lara was trying to convince me to study Textiles and Design at RMIT next year...tempting!

 It was a wonderful morning and my friend Annabelle from the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild was there too with her husband and her little "bug" as she calls him, which was really lovely. 
I also resisted the urge to buy some of their gorgeous fabric, even the sale basket! My current favourite print of theirs is called Birch Forest.
 Harvest Textiles run classes and workshops there where you are able to create your own design and print it on fabric, which sound amazing and lots of fun so I may have to put it on the Christmas list :)
Anyway, If you are in Melbourne and get the chance to go and visit them I really recommend it, They are celebrating their 2nd Birthday this weekend so visit their blog for more details 
&/ OR make sure you check out their gorgeous fabrics!

Hope you are having a great week

Miranda& Charlie


  1. Ok, now I'm curious... you can't study textile design because you would rather study...???

  2. It was a great morning! Wish I'd bought some fabric ;)


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