Friday, October 29, 2010

Time to Sew!

This afternoon, I was really not in the mood to do maths practise exams (I did do one) and still quite tired from yesterday I pulled out the layercake that my dad brought back from America and have been playing around with different ideas....
and this is what I came up with!

What do you think?
I am thinking of sewing the squares together in patchwork stye for something a little different and
 I like the diagonal pattern more than placing them at random. I also discovered today that my camera has a black and white setting that I didn't even know existed! Yes I am a bit silly, but it's pretty cool!

  I might go and sew these together, I haven't used my machine in about a month and I am starting to have withdrawal symptoms!

I'm off to the Soccer with a friend tonight, 
Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

Miranda & Charlie


  1. Hello Miranda..well grey is not too becoming..but the red and white..all over it ..surely that lifted your spirits working with these great sew them up....of course after a run at soccer...

  2. That black and white setting on your camera can help you see how the fabrics in your quilt work together, sometimes better than the color setting - it's a useful tool! You can also do that on your computer sometimes, in your photo editing software. I have found that looking at a photo on the computer, I can sometimes see problems with the layout of a quilt that I didn't see on my design "floor"!


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