Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A dog named Charlie

It has come to my attention, over the holidays, that Charlie doesn't make anywhere near enough appearances, as he should around here.
So along with some other exciting changes that will be gradually taking place, you will be seeing a lot more of Charlie in all his cuteness (if that's a word?).

Agility training started up again on Monday, so I thought every week I would share what Charlie and I are up to, training, competitions etc. and including some photos.

So every week, starting next Wednesday there will be a feature on Charlie & Agility , I can't wait!


I am hoping to create a button soon called "Blogs with Dogs" and it is my hope that through sharing a lot more about Charlie and what we love to do (my other passion), that it might encourage others to share more about their gorgeous pups and companions and also promote the dog sport of Agility and how much fun it is...You never know, you might be inspired to join the fun and find a club near you!

 Offcourse there will still be all the creating, quilting and sewing that's going on now, but with a bit more of Charlie and other excitement thrown in, I hope you wont mind :)

A sneak peek anyone?

Next Wednesday:  Charlie's Profile and What is Agility?

Ps. In other news-  It has been super busy over here- getting ready for uni, trying to find a part time job, job interviews, agility, driving lessons, trying to finish hand quilting etc. so Thankyou to everyone who has been commenting or emailed recently, I'm sorry I haven't replied to you sooner.

Hope you have a great week,
Miranda & Charlie


  1. Oh I am SO looking forward to seeing more of Charlie...and more of your quilting adventures too! Charlie is too cute...and yes, I do believe "cuteness" is a word. And he's got it.

  2. Hello tell that dear heart of yours that she has to slow down and enjoy the view with you..tell her too we miss her at stash...and tell her we are excited to see some new designs...
    love you too...yes I do


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